To whom it may concern,

I cannot sleep. It’s the middle of November so I’m obviously being kept awake by the awful wind going on outside and occasional outbursts of rain. Anyhow…

For months I have done this, that and the other and just neglected to write about it because let’s face it, I’m a lazy bitch. yes. This is how I introduce myself, great isn’t it?
But NO MORE. I will write, even if I happen to be the only person reading my blog posts..Cool girl that I am.

So, currently as I sit here at 3:31 AM wondering if I will ever sleep. Here is what is keeping me up…

  1. UCAS is Hell. University applications are such a chore and if it weren’t for the fact that not studying psychology would kill me, I would just give up! Personal statements are so hard to write and I know I’ve done it once before but selling yourself and your ability to learn in 500 words is no easy task!

  2. Today is not going to be a great day for me. AT ALL. I have a dentist’s appointment at 1PM, followed by the physiotherapist at 2:30 and finally the General Physician at 4.30.
    Not only do I possibly need braces, I have back problems that need fixing followed by a uterus that constantly feels the need to let me know it’s still in there by producing the most horrible of cramps.
    It’s been 4 years of this madness, you would think that my uterus would get tired but nope, still going strong in there. FML.
    The life of a woman. Meh.
    I mean, I love being a woman but this, I could definitely do without!

  3. Christmas Shopping is actually the devil. WHAT DO YOU BUY PEOPLE?
    AAAAAAH. I don’t enjoy this, one, tiny, little, bit. I love giving people presents, don’t get me wrong, but it’s picking things out that drives me nuts.

I wanna know if you’re into buying presents or if you find it just as difficult as I am right now?  Any tips and tricks out there for us insanely picky and perfectionist shoppers?
Let me know!

For now, farewell angels.




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