What I’ve Been Listening To | November 2017

Here’s the thing, most mainstream music today is not to my taste in the slightest.
Does this stop me from losing my shit when it comes on in a bar? No.
However, I don’t listen to anything mainstream outside of such an establishment. Outside of there, I’m rock all the way. Not that one would assume so when looking at me apparently …but that’s a story for another day.

For now, I just want to share my favourite songs with you that are getting me through this ridiculous weather.


Hey – Hey Charlie 

Gossip – Sleeping with Sirens

Trouble – Sleeping with Sirens

Old Car – The Great Communicators 

Highway – Bleeker 

Sorry – Nothing But Thieves

Ground Control –  All Time Low (feat. Teagan and Sara)

Drugs and Candy – All Time Low 

Those are my favourites at the moment. Any songs you are loving?
Let me know!


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