Hate Me Tour – AKA The Night of AWESOMENESS.

I had the best night of my life on Friday.

Despite my lack of companionship and camera, thank you by the way life, I had the most bomb diggity, beautiful and life altering experience of my life.

Friday, you see, was the Escape the Fate concert being held at the Melkweg in Amsterdam.
Now, I have loved them to death for years now, thank you David for planting that little seedling in my l


credit – http://www.escapethefate.com/tour.html

ife, and when I saw they were playing in Amsterdam I bought those tickets without ANY hesitation. Now, I don’t know anyone in my friend circle in Amsterdam who likes them so I ended up going alone, which I have no problems doing..I mean, I like having a personal experience.

So at around 6.30 PM, I joined the queue, eagerly waiting to get in, mainly because it looked like it was about to rain too! It was quite a long one I won’t lie, but in the end it was worth the wait. Halfway through I noticed someone walk by and legitimately almost fainted when I realised it was Craig fucking Mabbitt, the hero of my soul, who was just walking past as if no-one there knew who he was…I think everyone was too distracted and in conversation because no-one seemed to notice or was kind enough not to make a scene and let him peacefully scurry past!

First in the line-up once I got in was “Like a Storm”, travelling ALL the way from New Zealand, a band I must admit I had never heard of before but they blew me away.
First of all, a band that plays the didgeridoo and makes it blend with their sweet guitar playing is just awesome. PERIOD.
Chris their lead singer, DAMN. But Matt has the vocal chords of an angel too. Such a talented family…Zach. You play the drums like a star and Kent, I’m coming back for my autograph! Pen in hand this time…

Next up were my new musical obsession, “Fearless Vampire Killers”. They remind me so much of MCR, a band that I grew up with and have such an emotional connection to. But besides that, they’re just simply amazing. Their band members are sweethearts, Kier, you’re my London tour-guide when i move #justsaying.
Feel Alive and Regret are two songs that just tugged on my heartstrings along with one of their older ones, Unbreakable Hearts. Let’s just say that I have spotified them beyond control. Halfway through, Kier announced that they would be outside later to meet the fans and I was in so much shock. I haven’t processed it yet..days later.

“New Years Day”…Damn Ashley Costello is a hero and the band is amazing. Their vibe is awesome, their commitment to audience participation is something to be admired and it also just helps you get into the mood, especially for someone like me who had never heard their music before.
“Epidemic” and “Angel Eyes” I completely adored. There are others as I love, I’m constantly playing them on a loop on spotify. They are the kindest and made me feel less nervous coming to talk to them after their show. Brandon, you need to tell me your hair secrets.
Jeremy chucked his pick out onto the crowd, it bounced off my head and the girls in front of me found it. Just more motivation to see them over and over and overrrrr again!

…Then came the loves of my life, the reason for my being there and the men whose music I cannot live without. Escape the Fate. ESCAPE THE FUCKING FATE. I have been dying to see them live, like actually screaming for them to tour on this side of the world.
People went mental. Crowdsurfing was the sport of the evening. They sang most of my favouritIMG_0088es. Thrasher killed it on the guitar, he’s insane..I love it. TJ too, although he was on the other end of the stage. Robert’s drumming left my ears incapacitated for a while and I felt the sound waves travel through my body, I swear. Craig at one point decided to join the crowd surfing action and I ended up pulling him along, and that is the story of how I know he has a great ass.

But in all seriousness, I loved the performances, I went in to see one band and came out with all the love in the world for 3 others. What I love most about the alternative, post-hardcore rock bands I follow is that everyone always sounds great live. There is only pure talent, emotion and true blood, sweat and tears poured into the music they put out and the energy they give you when they perform.
The audience vibe was great when people weren’t being excessively rowdy and the bands were all so kind and open when meeting them. I know I’m an awkward bunny so that made talking to them  and asking for signatures harder but it was worth it. SO TOTALLY WORTH IT.



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