How NOT to start a holiday…

This little getaway happened a month ago but I feel like this holiday was so beautiful that I must share it. Just before New Years, after what feels like A MILLIOOOON years of planning, I found myself on a flight to Vienna to visit my best friend.
(Speaking of, she recently started a blog. YAY bloggers. Cartier’s Wanderlust Writings…)

At the time I had a horrible flu which started on Christmas day (YES, poor me). Cartier joked that my seeing her would instantly cure it and I swear to you, it did, because when I landed I felt like a whole new human being. Getting on the plane however, was absolute torture.
Let me break this down for you.
December 28th, Morning
– I arrive at work, properly flu-ed up and hoping to God I won’t fall asleep in the pantry.
Businessmen who need to eat ASAP, thank you for keeping me awake that morning, you deserve medals. Without you, I would have collapsed in the pantry during the first few hours. However, with my endless well of luck, I was celebrating that I was still standing and it got quiet, needless to say, Inez slowly started falling asleep and losing energy. The flu had at this point decided to attack whilst I was at my weakest..cue headache and snotty nose! I did not look pretty or feel any better. My darling colleagues helped me out, kept me standing and the pantry looking spotless. At around lunchtime they sent me home.

Afternoon– By the grace of the invisible beings that guard me, my dad happened to be in the area and picked me up from work. The entire drive home I debated,  Vienna or Health. Mind you, at that point I felt like a walking zombie, I couldn’t think through my headache, I couldn’t breathe without consciously thinking about it and standing felt like a chore. You all know what a flu is like!
When I arrived home I landed on GO. I may have been sick but being is sick in Vienna seemed 300 times cooler than being sick in the farmland village I reside in.
I sent some emails, grabbed some last minute stuff and off to the airport I went.
I cried. I was leaving home for a week and I cried…Flu’s make me emotional.

Evening – Because my day wasn’t fan-freaking-tastic enough, I get to the airport, queue for 20 minutes, get to the counter and I’m informed that the name on my ticket is incorrect and they’re charging “only” 70 Euro to change it. “ONLY“.
Remember how I said that flu’s make me emotional? WELL..I cried again. I had barely finished crying for no reason at all and this just made it so much worse. The lady behind the desk, loving and kind as she was…not, had no sympathy and went about her day as if I had stolen her cat and was holding it ransom.
ANYHOW, about a litre of tears and 70 Euro later, I was on a plane. The poor gentleman next to me got seated next to a snot-nosed, teary-eyed, coughing mess.
I slept through the flight somehow and it was dark so I wasn’t able to see anything anyway! At around 8 I landed in Vienna safe and sound.

I walked through those Airport doors and couldn’t find Cartier. I’m almost certain it was because of exhaustion but I had started to pray that there wasn’t a second Viennese airport…all of a sudden I got tackled by a familiar, 5’7 Aussie and it made my day.
Despite the hell it took to get there, it was damn well worth it. That day was a mess, I was a mess, my hair was DEFINITELY a mess but it was the start of a beautiful week.


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  1. Steiny x
    January 29, 2016 / 1:12 am

    “Tackled by a 5’7 Aussie” – my fav part [ps. thanks for adding ‘3 to my actual height 😉 ]

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