January Changes

It’s now 16:23 as I start to write this, I am lying in bed wondering why I have a flu, YET AGAIN. However, this rare opportunity for me to stay in bed 24/7 has presented itself and I am going to make the most of it.

The month is almost over, 2016 is well underway and I have been trying to see what little changes I have made this month. We all have resolutions, but I feel like every year is about slowly, at a comfortable pace making positive changes in your everyday life. This could be at home, at work, regarding how you interact with others and even just in your mind.
So here are two things that I have noticed about myself this month…
I say yes more often.
I’m very comfortable being on my own, it’s something I am very good at. I don’t need to go for drinks all the time, or to the movies, I’m very happy just┬ábeing at home by myself. So this month I decided I need to be more of a “yes” girl. I’ve stopped holding myself back and I go out more, see my friends and meet new people!

I am also definitely taking my sleep more seriously. I work crazy shifts so sleep is necessary. In the past I had this idea that even if I came home at 1am I need to watch something to feel like I have had some me-time, whereas I could also easily do that in the morning when I wake up. Realising the importance of a sleep schedule has really started to change how I organise my time and I love it.

I have completely revamped it. It’s now a prettier workspace and makes me want to post more pretty things for you all!
Writing more, although I have a million posts still in draft form, I have been writing. Just putting things down is so soothing. It’s helping me de-stress and focus on the bigger picture out there.

All small but effective changes and I feel more positive about things because of them.
Have you noticed any new habits you have or things you’ve managed to work into your everyday life?

-Inez xx


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