New Year’s Resolution

Every time the new year rolls around, we create this imaginary boundary that separates the happenings of the past and gives us an opportunity to solely focus on the year that is to come.
I haven’t decided how I feel about this yet. I just know that the more I have grown up, the less I have started to hate resolutions and have begun to embrace the challenge.

This little lady is very talented when it comes to setting myself impossible goals by thinking of things that were too vague. As well as simply giving up within a couple of weeks.#lazygirlproblems
But not this time! This time I haven’t plucked my resolution out of a hat, it’s something I feel strongly about. Self love. 

While I was toasting to 2017 with my family, with the loud booming of fireworks echoed in the background, I realised that 2017 really did feel like a new year. There was so much I wanted to work on and achieve mentally.
I have never been one to deal with my feelings. They get shoved in a box in my head or I sit and stew in them until I boil over.
Giving advice about finding a way to cope with things and finding happiness within yourself to people always seems so easy. Yet I always find myself caught in this net of uncertainty and self doubt. (The perks of being a perfectionist) 

Whilst watching a TV show, I heard this quote: “The problem with perfectionists is that instead of finding that last push and giving it all they’ve got, they never finish anything”.
This hit home HARD. Because this is me. I start things and if I happen to not like the product or I don’t see results, I bow out. I do this with fitness plans, with sewing projects, with my blog and the worst of them all, with relationships.

2017 is the year to stop bowing out. To learn to deal with the parts of me that make the things I do imperfect and that make me imperfect.
It is the year to embrace the challenges that life brings. I’m going to see where they lead, maintain my friendships and stop disappearing on people. I need to finally start this journey of self love I always thought I had, but realised I had no clue about.

What is/are your new year resolutions?


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