No Make-Up March

Okay, those of us who love make up will be wondering is this woman insane?
I have good reason. I promise.

I have always had sensitive skin, even before I began getting pimples and all, I was allergic to anything that had perfumes in it. No nice smelling lotions, soaps or cremes because they would cause rashes constantly. Eventually, as with most allergies I have had in life, with age they improved and I think I got a little bit too excited about it all.

My skin, even at 19 is still pretty sensitive, especially on my face. Unfortunately for me, this means I have to be careful with which products I use and when I use them. IMG_0223.JPG
Generally, I stick to The Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation and the Garnier Ambre Solaire BB Cream because I know they keep my skin alright and minimise the breakouts. They both contain SPF which I am a happy bunny about.
However, despite this, I am still a woman and hormones are a bitch. So naturally, being pedantic about my products isn’t all that it boils down to. Health too has a HUGE role to play, let us be honest here.

So for this month, just as a little experiment, I have decided to wear no foundation… (maybe with the exception of my birthday).
I want to see if that makes any difference at all to my skin and then I can further evaluate what I am doing wrong and right in my daily routine.

As with make-up, I am careful of the soaps I use and stick to The Body Shop brand for this as well. I love them as they are all light and don’t feel harsh on the skin. I personally use the Seaweed ranIMG_0219.JPGge. It has a neutral smell and isn’t overwhelming.
The moisturisers are light and don’t feel heavy on my skin, yet I feel as though my skin is still getting the nutrients it needs.
I shall be writing a review post soon on my experience with the range!

If I am going to be honest, some days I stick to using just water when I feel my skin isn’t having a great day just to avoid irritating it any further.

I do have quite a bit of scarring on my skin and it has patches of different pigmentation due to me picking at my spots. This worries me everyday I am roaming the streets of Amsterdam without make-up, and I always feel like people are staring at my skin constantly. At the end of the day though, it’s my skin, it’s the only one I will ever have and I can cover it up,  I do from time to time but I’m also trying to learn to accept those imperfections as a part of who I am.

I shall let you all know how it goes down the road, hopefully it all improves a little bit!
Have any of you tried this before? Let me know your thoughts and tricks to keep your skin looking healthy and break-out free!






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