How NOT to start a holiday…

This little getaway happened a month ago but I feel like this holiday was so beautiful that I must share it. Just before New Years, after what feels like A MILLIOOOON years of planning, I found myself on a flight to Vienna to visit my best friend.
(Speaking of, she recently started a blog. YAY bloggers. Cartier’s Wanderlust Writings…)

At the time I had a horrible flu which started on Christmas day (YES, poor me). Cartier joked that my seeing her would instantly cure it and I swear to you, it did, because when I landed I felt like a whole new human being. Getting on the plane however, was absolute torture.
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January Changes

It’s now 16:23 as I start to write this, I am lying in bed wondering why I have a flu, YET AGAIN. However, this rare opportunity for me to stay in bed 24/7 has presented itself and I am going to make the most of it.

The month is almost over, 2016 is well underway and I have been trying to see what little changes I have made this month. We all have resolutions, but I feel like every year is about slowly, at a comfortable pace making positive changes in your everyday life. This could be at home, at work, regarding how you interact with others and even just in your mind.
So here are two things that I have noticed about myself this month…
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Whilst writing my personal statement, I wrote about catharsis. This blog was started to let me have a creative outlet because once I left high school I felt as creative as a stone.
However, being me, I have suffered a 2 year writers block. Whenever I want to write, it never comes out the way I like and most of the time I completely hate it. sigh
One day, like an epiphany I realised I’m writing to release, to tell the world, to stop bottling all the madness going on in my head.
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To whom it may concern,

I cannot sleep. It’s the middle of November so I’m obviously being kept awake by the awful wind going on outside and occasional outbursts of rain. Anyhow…

For months I have done this, that and the other and just neglected to write about it because let’s face it, I’m a lazy bitch. yes. This is how I introduce myself, great isn’t it?
But NO MORE. I will write, even if I happen to be the only person reading my blog posts..Cool girl that I am.

So, currently as I sit here at 3:31 AM wondering if I will ever sleep. Here is what is keeping me up…

  1. UCAS is Hell. University applications are such a chore and if it weren’t for the fact that not studying psychology would kill me, I would just give up! Personal statements are so hard to write and I know I’ve done it once before but selling yourself and your ability to learn in 500 words is no easy task!

  2. Today is not going to be a great day for me. AT ALL. I have a dentist’s appointment at 1PM, followed by the physiotherapist at 2:30 and finally the General Physician at 4.30.
    Not only do I possibly need braces, I have back problems that need fixing followed by a uterus that constantly feels the need to let me know it’s still in there by producing the most horrible of cramps.
    It’s been 4 years of this madness, you would think that my uterus would get tired but nope, still going strong in there. FML.
    The life of a woman. Meh.
    I mean, I love being a woman but this, I could definitely do without!

  3. Christmas Shopping is actually the devil. WHAT DO YOU BUY PEOPLE?
    AAAAAAH. I don’t enjoy this, one, tiny, little, bit. I love giving people presents, don’t get me wrong, but it’s picking things out that drives me nuts.

I wanna know if you’re into buying presents or if you find it just as difficult as I am right now?  Any tips and tricks out there for us insanely picky and perfectionist shoppers?
Let me know!

For now, farewell angels.



To My Girls,

A year.
Can you believe 365 days have passed and I’ve only seen one of you? WHICH BTW. If it wouldn’t have landed me in jail, Debra, I would have kidnapped you.
So much has happened, so much for you too that I don’t even know about!
Everyday something happens, or I see something that just reminds me of all of you and I could almost cry at how much I miss you. The fact that I can’t just beg the parents to drive me over or call an ArtCaffe meet-up just kills me. I know I’m horrible with keeping in touch and OMG. Even some of you need to GERRIT TOGETHA! But I understand that we’re all busy, things get in the way.

This is just me writing to you because I needed to write you all a communal letter.
I want to know about the boys, the ones that make you smile and as soon as I finish typing this I am going to start sharpening my knives for the ones who made you cry.
I want to know about University and all the crazy party nights you’ve had. All the night’s you ended up in creepy bars or had to be carried home in true Inez fashion.
I want to know about that time you missed home, or any random thing that’s happened, however irrelevant it may seem.
I want to know EVERYTHING because I miss you.
I miss being able to hug you when I want to annoy you, when you’re sad, when I’m cold and force hug you because I’m me. I miss sharing lockers when we lost keys and gossiping about the weirdos we know.

But mostly, I miss the random moments. The time Stacey was an egg and we were convinced we lost Jaya, fitting all of us into Jaya’s bed on numerous occasions and Mini having to tell us we won’t fit. Jamming at 40’s until we could barely walk to the tuk tuk/taxi. “Studying” for Psycholgy by talking about random ish and making a million and one revision flashcards.
Nights at Gypsies, looking for Caro and hustling for tables next to each other during PSHCE. Looking around in assembly to see if everyone was there that day and RUNNING to Mrs. Thanky’s for Taco’s, Chicken Wings and Chilli Paneer.
Also, because we’re shameless bastards, hustling from the year 9-12’s for coins to buy cornetto’s! Haha

As much as I want to tell you how much I miss you, I also want to say thank you. Without you ladies I wouldn’t be who I am today. They say that who you surround yourself with helps define who you are and I couldn’t have had a more motivated, amazing, beautiful and independent set of women around me for all those years.
I know we don’t talk all the time but just know that I think about you all every single day.
I wish I had been home this summer, and truth be told I don’t know when I will be back home. Hopefully next summer..but I can’t promise anything.
For you ladies going into 2nd year, BITCH look at you!! You made it through the first year of uni without dying.
And for those, like me starting this year! Look at us, bitches said if you take a gap year you never go back! Obviously they never met us! Our degrees are on the way beautiful ladies.
I’m waiting for those university degrees to be photocopied. I want a copy from each and every one of you! HAHA

I miss you so much. SO,SO,SO much.
My gorgeous girls. I love you with all my heart.

Yours always,