January Resolutions | 4 things I’ve learnt

It’s just a thing. Without fail, every single year, January is the month of self improvement and we all get hyped up setting ourself resolutions for the year.
Everyone dives head first into the gym and working out, motivated that this will be THE year and classes of every kind fill up with people dead set on that new hobby they always promised themselves they would get around to.
I applaud everyone who does because they found the motivation to start their journey. As we all know, the hardest part it starting. Once you do and gain momentum, it’s easier to keep the habit going strong!

Me walking in the woods.
This January I began the journey to accomplishing my 2017 goals and set myself on the path of self love. I’m taking baby steps to start understanding myself and my feelings as well as honing in on what it is I really want to achieve this year.
These are the 4 things I have really tried to put emphasis on this month and the lessons I have learnt.

1. Me- Time is important. 

I always joke that I don’t date other people, I date myself. I used to take myself out for little treats like going to the movies and having a cosy night in the bath. One needs to pamper themselves from time to time right?
I forgot to do this for a while but finally picked up the habit again.
This time is so precious as we spend a lot of our day with other people, in class or at work. Even just taking care of our siblings or significant others. Everyone needs a little breathing space every once in a while!
It doesn’t have to be anything overly extravagant. You can make yourself an extra fancy coffee at home and drink it in the backyard. The idea is to have a few moments where you take special care of yourself!

2. There is never a wrong time to start budgeting 

Money and I are like oil and water. I love to see money saved, however, I am also just as quick to spend it all at once. I know some of you totally relate to that statement! 
Budgeting is so important to educate yourself on because we don’t learn about it in school. Unless you have someone in the family to help you out, you’re on your own. Especially at a young age, saving and spending intentionally is the best thing you can do. Not only does it set you up for the future, it builds good spending behaviour that will keep you on track well into your later years.
I recently discovered Rachel Cruze’s YouTube videos. She makes everything seem much easier and more manageable than I ever imagined.
Being in her 20’s herself, she really understands where the struggles are and how to best make use of your money and BUDGET!

3. Feed yourself the right foods

This month I devoted myself to cooking my own food and buying foods that I adore and are healthy. I have a habit of being lazy and eating anything and everything that is convenient, regardless of nutritional value.
Because of this I slowly watched myself gain weight over the past couple of months. The fact that it is unhealthy foods I have come to rely on and crave on a daily basis was a game changer for me. No more of all this going forward.
Since cutting out sugars and minimising the carbohydrates that I eat, I find myself having less cravings and moments of extreme hunger. I still get bored and immediately think I’m hungry though and my go to when this happens is to drink water or eat fruit.
As they say, “if you’re not hungry enough to eat an apple, you’re simply just bored”.

4. Practice self reflection and gratitude 

I just worked this into my daily schedule and started writing my gratitude down daily. Something I try to do is run through all the things I am grateful for and reflect back on the day. Such as my feelings and the vibes from the people around me before I sleep.
It’s insane to think how much of our day we ignore and simply forget about. Whether this may be moments we share, passing thoughts or emotions we feel.
The realisation of how important gratitude is the best lesson I have learnt this month.
It doesn’t only allow you to appreciate things, it also gives you a positive outlook on things. Whenever you feel negative, you have a store of all the things you have to be grateful for.
Another version of this is to make a list of things that simply make you happy, the more specific, the better.

What has brought you one step closer to your goals this month? what lessons have you learnt so far?


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